As a businessman in America, founding of NATO made me in a very contradictory position.  

In one hand, NATO is an international organization, one country have trouble, all the other countries in NATO 

should help, It might cause the war in worldwide.  Although i am a businessman, meanwhile I am a citizen in 

America, I do not want my country involve in war, that will lead America into a dangerous situation.

In another hand, as a businessman, NATO’s founded push commercial development, I can extend my trading 

circle, deal business with our member countries in NATO, that help my career flourishing.

The US has attempted to secure multilateral support for its military policies primarily through the UN and 

the NATO. [1]  From this information, I can reassurance, because America are trying to buildup military strength 

in order to protect the citizens, I trust my country and I can expand my business to contribute America.

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Shijia (Erin) Liu


Greeny; Guanlin Wu

Hey, brothers, I am here to tell you a pretty funny show happened not long ago, specifically on 4th, April, 1949. Those pity capitalism countries, you know, those form North America and Western Europe, all went to Washington to signed a treaty and then found an organization called NATO. However, this was not the point, and what matter was their ridiculous purpose.The reason whythey stuck together is to prevent the attacks from my great Soviet Union. What stated at their Article 5 is that “an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.”[1]I am really curious about what kind of jokes these losers put on here? Too many aspects they tried to protect or too many items they wanted guaranteed made it almost impossible for them to succeed. [2]From the very beginning, in terms of detailed analysis, NATO military force in Europe was not strong enough to stop the Soviet Union’s step to continually occupy westward. Now that they will someday be defeated by our socialism power, why not just surrender peacefully and throw away their stupid ideologies. If they were still so stubborn, let us use the holy power from the working-class to finish those greedy capitalist.

[1] North Atlantic Treaty article 5, Apr. 4, 1949, 63 Stat. 2241, 34 U. N. T. S. 243.

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and Social Science, Vol. 330 (July 1960): 133


We are facing a new world after World War II .Although Nazi is not a threat for us, it does not mean we are in peace; USSR is not also an ally of us anymore. They see Britain, people from west and capitalism society as enemy right now. Our former friend and ally is on his way to against us, a new enemy appears which is much stronger than our former opponent.

At Yalta conference, USSR obtained the cuzon line as new boundary line with Poland, kept a agreement that held the democratic election.But communists did not stop their paces, their prove that election was a western joke and Cuzon line was not their border other than a new beginning line, a line to the victory of the communism. Lublin committee,[1] Soviet Union transfer power to Poland, whole Poland was controlled by USSR with red army invaded. We have lost a country of Europe, a country insisted democratic policy, and a country with people had the same faith with us, which is believed human right is sacred. Labor people in Poland, who are just like us, will have no right to vote, no right assembly of speech and of press.

As Poland became a satellite for USSR, communist party was largest party in France and Italy with the support of Soviet Union. Fractured Europe is becoming food to satisfy the unlimited appetite of the red bear. Communism will conquer the Europe, then the world. Britain should not isolate from mainland Europe this time, as she share the same threat with her friends, to defend enemy. We, British, share a similar culture with other Europeans all believed that freedom is basic right for human beings. Any controlled and threated to our basic right will not be agreeing by liberate people in Europe. We, British, should bond with our brothers and sisters in mainland to defend the occupation of the red army, to protect our freedom and rights.

Portugal, France, Belgium, even our former enemy and new friend, Germany and Italy. Countries need to connect with each other to sign a new treaty and form a new alliance, back up with Americans in order to keep the free world from the invasion of communism.

[1] Encyclopædia Britannica Online, s. v. “Lublin Committee,” accessed November 21, 2011,

Xu Yifei (Vincent)

Diary: 5 April 1949


The day, 4 April 1949, will become a memorable day. This is the day that NATO which is the abbreviation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded. In my opinion, World War One and World War Two gave our world, especially the United States, too many bad affect on several aspects, such as extinct of the nation, environmental pollution, economy crisis, obviously caused many homeless people and bereft of his/her spouses. I love my country, my culture and our outstanding president, Truman, who decided to found this military alliance. After his perfect speech in January, I found his main idea is to keep the world’s peace and to improve the global economy. Therefore, in my eyes, the principal purpose of founding this organization is to protest another world war in order to get a peaceful world. Although Russia did not accept the invitation from us, there were still many strong countries would like to join us like Britain, France, Canada and Italy.[1] The only way to keep a peaceful world is to enlarge our organization and to make other countries to be scared with us so that they won’t start a war. The United States is very strong but it is not strong enough to dominate this world. Therefore, to build this alliance is also a long-term strategy to have the world under control;[2] because when we help them in their local defense or economy is also the way to control their political power. Truman definitely did a wonderful job that I believe our state will become the host of the world after several decades.

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Sarkozy marches France back into NATO command

This time I pretend to be a French citizen after the foundation of NATO, and witnessed the France withdrawal from the NATO as well.

The Pros and Cons of NATO

The NATO is leading us “[live into] the best of times and the worst of times is undoubtedly an exaggeration,”[1] but in short NATO is definitely a two-edged sword for the world peace.

First of all, I am glad to see that the foundation of NATO makes the Europe and the north Americas work together to protect each other after the World War II.[2] Because of the World War I and II, I really want the world peace so that the NATO’s birth was good news for me even for France.[3] Lord Ismay, The first NATO Secretary General, gave the statement of the organization’s goal –“to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”. Furthermore it seems to weaken the enemy and let the unity strength.

Secondly, the peace needs strike a balance among members of the NATO, but the United States always played a commander role in the organization. “Moreover, America and Europe have never been more dependent on each other for their economic well-being… .”[4]According to this, France needs an equal treatment with the US and UK. It’s not only good for expanding NATO’s coverage and economy but also well for the world balance. In contrast, the US took over the commander to become the master of the world. And the unity seems put European security into danger because other countries’ army can get our country economic and military’s information and there are not forever friends in the world so that we don’t want to take these risks for our country.[5]

Because the security problems and the commander rights’ conflicts, so our French decided to quit from the NATO on 11 March 1959, but we still as a member of NATO. I can understand this decision, because I know President de Gaulle’s purpose just wanted to start constructing an independent defense force for our country’s command rights, security and a separated peace from NATO. According to this movement, the NATO still needs to work on the rights equality and world peace so that the unity can be more stable and safety. If everything is going on well, someday our French will come back to work with NATO again.

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Xiaoxiao Wang(Ivy)

January 1949

I am eager to suppress the Soviet Union, which bothers me a lot. Moreover, I am worried about the position of USA in the world and I want to maintain our predominance in Europe. How to do this? I should discuss with the prime minister and other ministers about that. Maybe we can create an organization to enlarge our influence around the world and if we need help, they can provide foreign aid to help us fight against the Soviet Union.

March 18th, 1949

Today, our country and some western countries started to recruit new members, which means that we are planning to found an organization in the near future. The presidents of member countries and I have discussed some good policies to attract more members to join. We have decided to sign the Treaty on April. 4th, 1949. I hope it will be successful.

April. 4th, 1949

Bravo! Now, our organization can contend with the Soviet Union and some Eastern Europe countries. According to the Treaty we signed today in Washington D.C., the members agree that an attack on one of us shall be considered an attack against our all. Furthermore, the Treaty also encourages political, economic and social cooperation. [1]We are preparing to set up our headquarters in Brussels, and our highest organ is the North Atlantic Council. Today must be a significant day in the world.

[1] Encyclopedia of World History. Compiled by Market House Books Ltd. (Oxford University Press), 1998.